Why Belize?

Belize is a stable and peaceful democracy in the heart of Central America. It is well- regulated, yet user friendly jurisdiction offering a wide variety of international financial services. The Government of Belize is committed to sustain the growth and development of the international financial services sector.

The Constitution of Belize guarantees to all person certain fundamental rights, including the right to property. There is an independent judiciary to protect the rights of people, with the Caribbean Court of Justice at the head of the judicial hierarchy.
The International Financial Services Commission of Belize further protects investors by regularly issuing warning notices on its website against any unlicensed promotional activities in the internet involving Belize and the sanctioning of its licensees for contraventions and violations.

Indeed, Belize takes good care of its international financial services industry and is aiming to become a choice jurisdiction for offshore investment. Its investment opportunities are diverse having a regime for foundations, trusts, companies, partnerships among varied international financial services.

Recent developments in the international financial services sector have highlighted the importance of sound regulation in jurisdictions throughout the world. Belize is no exception. A well-regulated international financial services sector having a modern tax regime conducive to the offshore industry will continue to attract new business as Belize did in its formative years. The foreign exchange restrictions have be tweaked to maintain status quo in certain entities which has optimised usefulness to our offshore sector. I am confident that this growth will continue and that the IFSC will continue to provide quality services.


Location Central America
Time Zone Central Time Zone
Climate Sub-Tropical
Capital City of Belmopan, lies in the Cayo District
Land Area Approximately 8,867 square miles
Nationality Belizean
Language English, Spanish & indigenous languages such as Creole, Garifuna, Mopan Maya and Ketchi
Total Population 322,453 (up to 2010)
Density of Population 36 (up to 2010)
Labour Force 177,915 (up to April 2019)
Religion Predominantly Roman Catholic
Form of Government Democratic – Bi-cameral Legislature
Head of State Queen Elizabeth II represented by the Governor General
Governor- General Sir Colville N. Young Sr.
Head of Government Prime Minister. The Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow
Governing Party United Democratic Party ( UDP) 2013 – Present
Next Election 2020
Independence Day Gained it on September 21st 1981
Business Hours Government working hours:
8:00 am. – 12:00 p.m and
1:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m.
(4:30 p.m on Fridays)
Currency Belize Dollars (BZD)
Exchange Rate US$1=BZ$2
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 5.2% in 1st quarter of 2019
Per Capita GDP US$4309.92 in 2018
Chief Products Citrus, bananas, sugar, marine products, rice, red kidney beans, beef, pork, poultry, honey, garment, aerated beverages, alcoholic beverages, wheat flour, cigarettes.
Fuels Lubricants and gas, all imported
Phone Codes 501
Major Ports Belize City
Major International Airport Phillip S. W. Goldson International, 8 miles WNW of Belize City.
Entry Requirements A valid passport is required of all visitors. Citizens of the United Kingdom, some Commonwealth countries, the European Union and the USA are not required to have a visa, provided they have a return or round-trip ticket.
Departure Tax Passengers who are nationals over 12 years pay US$11.25 and US$15.00 for non-nationals.