The International Financial Services Commission (the “IFSC”) is a statutory body established under the International Financial Services Commission Act to regulate and supervise the international financial services sector. The IFSC comes under the portfolio responsibility of the Minister of Finance. The Minister has the power to appoint the chairperson from amongst any of the public sector members of the Commission. The Director General of the Commission is the Chief Executive Officer who is appointed by the Commission with the approval of the Minister. The Director General is also the Registrar of the following Registries:

  1. International Trusts Registry
  2. International Foundations Registry
  3. International Limited Liability Companies Registry
  4. Belize International Corporate Affairs Registry
  5. International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize
  6. Protected Cell Companies Registry

Since its inception, the IFSC has made great strides; notably, the introduction of key legislative amendments and enactments to strengthen the overall tax practices in Belize. The IFSC remains vigilant in its pursuit to implement Belize’s AML/CFT regime as necessary to thwart innovative practices by those seeking to compromise Belize’s international financial system.


The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE), also known as the friendly flag of quality, is governed under the auspices of the Merchant Ships (Registration) Act, Chapter 236 of the Substantive Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2011. The IMMARBE facilitates and controls all registrations, technical and seafarers’ services. Its main office is located in Belize City and has designated offices located worldwide. IMMARBE offers excellent standard of services and operation to its clients within the maritime industry.


The Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit (BHSFU) was established on 12th November 2013. The BHSFU is the primary authority responsible for the regulation and control of Belize flagged vessels which engage in fishing or related activities on the high seas pursuant to the High Seas Fishing Act, 2013. The BHSFU is headed by a Director who is appointed by the Registrar of Merchant Shipping. The functions of the BHSFU includes the promotion of responsible and sustainable fishing practices within our high seas fisheries sector through good governance; and to have a high seas fishery that is sustainable, commercially viable and which contributes to the national income of Belize.


The International Business Companies Registry was established by virtue of the International Business Companies Act, Chapter 270 of the Substantive Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2011.

The IBC Registry facilitates and controls all registrations with respect to an IBC required under the law to be registered (either mandatory or optional). Its office is located in Belize City.  The IBC Registry offers exceptional services and operation to its clients within the Belize international financial services industry.  For operational purposes and business efficacy the IBC Registry has been renamed and rebranded as the Belize International Corporate Affairs Registry the location of which you will also find the International Limited Liabilities Companies Registry, the Protected Cell Companies Registry, the International Foundations Registry, and the International Trusts Registry.

Public Notice

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